What It Means To Be a Cougar

I’m going to be completely honest here; the first thing the phrase “what it means to be a cougar” makes me think of is middle-aged women. You all know what I’m getting at. Yet, if you are able to put aside the many, many possible puns, here at CCH we’re all strangely proud to call ourselves “Cougars”. When we use this term of endearment towards ourselves as fellow CCH-ers, it’s got more of the snarling, jungle cat kind of feel to it. The we-ain’t-gonna-take-nothin’-from-nobody mentality. Especially when the term has anything to do with all of our amazing sports teams. While we’re on the topic of sports (and with that wondrously not-at-all-obvious segue) here are the highlights of the football and volleyball season, all nicely wrapped and packaged in a neat little box mailed to your doorstep for your convenience! Well, as close to that as we here at Cougars With Quills can get without breaking the bank, that is.

Our fantastic footballers are doing fabulously as we’ve accomplished the formidable feat of defeating all foes thus far. (Knock on wood, everybody.) The last game was a close one: 15-13 against Winston Churchill; the week before we beat Raymond 35-27 after trailing behind in the first half. Real nail biters, those games! To get in on the fun, just travel to the magical land that is the University of Lethbridge stadium. Remember, home games are free! Even I (who doesn’t really understand what’s going on) enjoy watching the Cougars in action.

Our venerable volleyballers vying for victory have valiantly vanquished many a victim so far in the season. Both boys’ and girls’ senior volleyball teams placed second in last week’s tournament after suffering their first losses in the championship game, both adversaries being Magrath. We were so close! Ah, well, the Cougars still made us proud. This past weekend the junior varsity volleyball teams travelled to a tournament in Red Deer hosted by Hunting Hills. I’m waiting with bated breath to see how that went! Like CCH’s Facebook page, or follow @cchschool on Twitter to be a part of the CCH pride. Watching our proud Cougar volleyball teams in their element is almost more fun than venturing out to a football game; it’s inside, so it never gets cold! I’d recommend watching our hosted tournaments and supporting fellow CCH-ers with your cheering!

I hope this short and sweet little post roused some of that fighting Cougar spirit in my fellow CCH-ers and that you’re as (or more) excited as I am to see how the season progresses!

– Victoria


Victoria Robb is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick. Her favourite thing about CCH is the deep fried happiness for sale every day in the cafeteria.


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2 responses to “What It Means To Be a Cougar

  1. Carol Koran

    Certainly a scintillating and sincere summary of the superlative, seasonal sessions available to the students!

  2. CCH Bloggers

    A lot of alliteration…for the win!


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