CCH People to Know – Mrs. Carol Koran

At CCH, there are many amazing individuals, staff and student alike. From the teacher coaching sports teams to that student who always makes the effort to be involved, it is a rare thing indeed to get an insider’s look into their lives. Through a collaborative effort, the CCH Bloggers managed to learn a little more about an important figurehead of CCH, Mrs. Koran, our school’s newly instated principal.


From a family of seven, Mrs. Koran is one of six others to have become teachers. The seventh is also involved in education, having studied media art. It isn’t very surprising that, with such similar life choices, her family “encouraged not to marry outside the profession”. Somewhat jokingly, Mrs. Koran informs that she chose teaching because she wasn’t aware that there was any other profession. In reality, however, she got her first taste of teaching when she brought a teacher to tears in Grade 8. As a punishment, she had to take charge of an RS class, and found she really enjoyed it. Mrs. Koran began her teaching career in 1980, and has been at CCH since 1989. Her first class here was in room 126, teaching English.

Like the rest of us surely hope to, Mrs. Koran has many fond memories that she can recall from her High School years. One of the highlights was her playing the role of Lucy in the production, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

For those students in grades eleven and twelve, one of the most recurring and prominent questions we ask ourselves is “What do I want to do after I graduate?” Just as it is hard – nearly impossible, some might say – to settle down on one idea, Mrs. Koran considered more than just a career in education. Unlike teaching, however, she always found a reason to cross something off her list; she thought about being an airline attendant until she realized they were just “glorified waitresses”; she considered becoming a nurse until she realized that being around so much sickness was uncomfortable for her. She added that she would have loved to have been a photographer for National Geographic.

Like the rest of us, there is more to Mrs. Koran than her job or school life. For fun, she enjoys hiking and being surrounded by mountain peaks as well as travelling together with her husband and two daughters. One of her proudest moments in fact was hiking the Chilkoot Trail. It is truly a special moment for her when she faces an ordeal with success. Mrs. Koran also enjoys reading, her most recent literary conquest being The Lacuna by Barbara KingsolverMuch of the music she identifies with she classifies as “old stuff”, including Neil Diamond, Meatloaf, Elton John, and K.D. Lang. An interesting fact: Mrs. Koran saw K.D. Lang perform before she was ever famous. During her time teaching at CCH, she and another teacher attended one of the artist’s performances held at the University of Lethbridge.

When asked if she had any big plans for CCH, she said she hoped to create an identity for the westside campus. She also hopes to expand many of the academies, such as Fine Arts and Leadership. It is her belief that it is quite important to prepare students to become successful leaders – proving this, she is open to student suggestion about the leadership academy itself. Lastly, she wants to put on a “good face” for the province, as we will be hosting the provincial badminton tournament in May 2014.

When asked about her favourite part of CCH, she responded with, “The energy in the school.” There are many dedicated and individualistic teachers, and students who are “honest, welcoming and courageous.” Mrs. Koran is pleased to hear from guests at our school that there is always a “good feeling” about the place.

It was such a joy getting to know Mrs. Koran a little more, both through a wonderful interview and writing this article in her honour. Hopefully, the rest of you out there reading have learned a little more about our amazing new Principal as well.

– Kima Hazelwood, with the help of Victoria Robb


Kima Hazelwood is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. She enjoys writing and reading fantasy, baking, and belly-dancing. Her favourite things about CCH are all the wonderful staff members and linguistics classes.


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3 responses to “CCH People to Know – Mrs. Carol Koran

  1. Carol Koran

    Thank you Kima and Victoria for this excellent summary! Very well researched and written.

  2. Carol Koran

    Just to clarify – as an youth, I had that erroneous opinion about flight attendants. As an adult, I’m well aware that they are highly trained professionals who serve meals, provide assistance and – in many instances – save lives! NO disrespect to this valuable group intended!

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