What’s New at CCH This Year

You may be asking yourself the following questions: what is the meaning of life? Is the hokey pokey really what it’s all about? And what does CCH have to offer this year as opposed to years previous? I can’t answer the second one. I have an idea of the first one, but the last one is totally relevant and answerable. And that’s why I’m here! Because there are a few things that have changed at CCH this year.

First things first, while this may sound unimportant to the person living under a rock of unimportance, Google Chrome has been installed on CCH’s computers! Why is this so great? Well, the school is notorious for having incredibly slow internet. And while this won’t get rid of the problem (because it’s mainly due to bandwidth), it helps out immensely. A word of advice – do not use Internet Explorer. It is like comparing the tortoise to the hare, except they aren’t racing. The hare (Google Chrome) is just faster.

Secondly, Campus East has brand new microwaves! What? Unimportant you say? Perhaps, but they are no longer the dial ones and they actually function properly, so that’s good!

Now, let’s get serious. A new feature called “Flex 5” has been added to CCH. It’s basically an extension of Trinity Learning Centre, for those students that are using Distance Learning to earn their high school diploma. It allows people aged 20+ to have some quiet and supported study time between 5pm-8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are unable to attend classes due to work, illness, traveling, family matters, etc., this program can be of great use to you. Plus, the name just sounds cool. FLEX FIVVVVVVVEEEEEEE…..vv……

In terms of new staff, Mrs. Koran has been appointed the new principal of CCH. Now, she may seem intimidating at first, but she grows on you. Mrs. Koran is pretty funny, and is super supportive in your endeavours. And while we’re talking principals, two new associate principals have been added this year: Mrs. Polec and Mr. Munroe, although Mr. Munroe is still a counsellor halftime. We also have a new counsellor by the name of Mrs. Kroker, and a new Family Liaison Counsellor named Mr. Lilja, who will provide all of your counselling needs.

But how could I forget? But hey, knowing me, I can’t forget this…CCH’s musical is now official. We are doing “The Sound of Music”! What does this mean to you who love musical theatre? Auditioning of course! But what, lo? Can’t sing, dance, or act but still want to be a part of the whole theatre family? Look no further than crew! Crew helps backstage with building the set, fetching props, setting up lights and so on. Am I excited? YEAH!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!! So please, come join the theatre family!

And last, but certainly not least, if you’re reading this, then you have undoubtedly heard of CCH’s new blog. It’s a new feature that my own dear mom thought of. After saving a burning orphanage and rescuing kittens from a tree, she thought, “You know what CCH needs? A blog!”

And it was done.

If you enjoyed this, check out the other blog posts and stay tuned for more to come!

Until then, this is Avery Hofferd, signing off.


Avery Hofferd is a Grade Twelve student at CCH. He is an esteemed actor, director, fisherman, and bridesmaid. His favourite thing about CCH is the Fine Arts program.


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10 responses to “What’s New at CCH This Year

  1. Mrs. Koran

    Avery neglected to mention that he has NEVER been intimidated by Mrs. Koran. Great update, Avery, and thanks for the tip about Google Chrome.

  2. Joanne Polec

    Ha ha Avery! You certainly put a smile on my face this beautiful Monday morning!

  3. Mrs. Gardner

    I started trying to guess who wrote it before I hit the end, and when I saw it was you I thought “yep, that’s Avery!” Great piece.

  4. Ms. Sequeira

    Awesome post Avery! Great to know about the Flex Five program going on, keep up the wit! šŸ™‚

  5. CCH Bloggers

    Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback!

  6. Thing 1

    Haha love your writing style

  7. I feel as though my own article will be so serious in comparison to yours, Avery… nice job! (And yes – THANK YOU FOR CHROME!!!)


  8. Josh Fuentes

    Avery writes a beautiful article! I was thoroughly informed, and amused. Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm toasty.


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