How To Get Involved at CCH

Summer holidays have come to an end and we’ve already survived one great week of school. You may be sitting around at lunch and thinking of all of the things you could do to get involved in the life of CCH. If you are a new student to CCH you’re probably already nervous about what these first few days have been like, not to mention finding an activity that is right for you, but don’t worry. There will be plenty of chances to get involved with something great.

If you’re interested in Leadership you can join two different Leadership teams. Athletic Leadership team members help cheer on our athletic teams, keep the scoreboards running, and sell tickets to games at the door. During our football season these team members paint faces of young cougar fans and keep the CCH spirit alive! This team meets every Friday after school at 12:45 on Campus East.

Our Student Council team (formerly known as Student Leadership) organizes fun events for the student body. The first meeting will be Monday the 9th, at 3:00pm in the library at Campus East. New members are welcome!

If you feel called towards volunteer work, check out our Santa’s Anonymous team. This incredibly important crew collects donations, purchases toys and food, and creates hampers for families who need a little extra Christmas cheer during the holiday season.

If you’re into photography, graphic design, and writing, maybe you would like to join our Yearbook team! You will take pictures of various activities and events that happen in our school community and design the pages that showcase them using online software (which means you can work from home). The Yearbook crew meets at 12:35 in Room 202 at Campus East. Mrs. Gardner would be thrilled to have you join this exciting project.

For our Performing Arts fans, we have lots of fun activities for you to get involved in. Our musical production is a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you, and advance your skills in drama and music. Choral music students perform at our faith services throughout the year and of course Band students are so integral to the strong Fine Arts experience CCH has to offer. They are the orchestra for the musical production and have two concerts per year, along with the choir.

Our athletes can join many of our CCH Cougar Athletics teams. Volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track are only a few of the several sports teams that CCH has to offer. Even if you aren’t the athletic type, you can still come to our many home games, which are free for CCH students! Wear your cougar blue and come cheer on the team.

It’s still early in the year and you have many opportunities to get involved at CCH. Becoming a member of one of the many co-curricular options is a great way to create new friendships, to learn new skills, and to make your ideas heard. Chances are, regardless of which activities you choose, you will always be welcomed by a great group of friendly people.

Keep your eyes open for posters and listen to the announcements. Surely with all the great activities that CCH has to offer, you’ll find something that is right for you. I wish you the best in finding a great group and hope you come into your new activity motivated to share your voice and make great changes!

– Nicole


Nicole Anton is a Grade Eleven student at CCH. She enjoys writing novels, English class, and cooking. Her favourite thing about CCH is that there are always great activities going on.


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2 responses to “How To Get Involved at CCH

  1. Joanne Polec

    Nicole, maybe we should have had you run the grade meetings today! Great job 🙂

  2. nicoleanton

    Thank you Mrs.Polec! I appreciate the time taken to read my post 🙂


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