Dear Grade Tens,

Breathe in.

If you’re reading this you probably still have a few jitters about high school. It’s okay to be scared; that’s perfectly natural. The first week of high school is always scary – but just because it’s scary doesn’t mean it needs to be hard.

Looking back on my first week of high school, there are a few mistakes I made that I have to warn you about.

The first thing is the buses. You’re standing on the curb, waiting for the bus to arrive and lo and behold, there’s the bright yellow automobile now! You can’t see the number on it, so when it pulls up you ask the driver if it’s going to CCH. He says, “Yes.”

Here’s where the mistake is made. CCH has two campuses! Do not get on a bus headed for the West campus if your first class is on the East side! Always specify which campus you’re going to when asking the bus driver.

The second thing is more of a recommendation than it is something to look out for. When you go into your first class, you’re probably still a little bit nervous. Chances are, there are not going to be a lot of faces you know when you enter your first class.

Don’t just sit in the corner and wait for familiar faces to arrive – try to socialize a little bit. The other students don’t bite, (if they do end up biting you, that may be something to talk to the teacher about) and they’re probably just as nervous as you.

In my first class, there were people I barely talked to, and later in the year they ended up becoming close friends of mine. One of the regrets I have now is not getting to know them earlier so we could’ve spent more time together when we were both on the same campus.

The third, and final thing I have to warn you about is that dreaded night before. Even the first week can be rather tough in regards to this third thing. Do not freak yourself out by overthinking the day before, or the week during.

Your brain is probably going to tell you about all the things that could possibly go wrong. Chances are, none of these things are going to happen to you.

I asked a bunch of friends of mine (whose names will not be mentioned here, but thank you guys) about advice they would give themselves if they could go back to that first day with all of their current knowledge. A few things were mentioned, but the one I want to focus on is the most significant thing they all mentioned.

Relax. Chill out, and have confidence. Be yourself, and everything will be fine.

CCH is full of opportunities, and that’s something I never expected. The first week I was there, I was suddenly involved in the Athletic Leadership Team and I had lots of different things to think about. Whether your thing is singing, or sports, or being involved in the student council (just to name a few), I bet CCH has something for you.

Which is where I will leave you. I hope, with all my heart, that your first weeks will go amazingly well.

You’ll be fine.

Breathe out.

Just remember: you’re a CCH Cougar now – Keep Calm and Cougar On!

 – Kyra


Kyra Nicolacopoulos is a Grade Eleven Student at CCH. She enjoys reading, writing, and British television shows. Her favourite thing about CCH is all of the co-curricular clubs.


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15 responses to “Dear Grade Tens,

  1. Carol koran

    Thanks Kyra. I think it’s good advice for the new staff members too. CCH is all about being involved and being our best self!
    Mrs. Koran

  2. CCH Bloggers

    Thank you Mrs. Koran!

  3. Valeria Lazzaretto

    I shared your advice with SPFA teachers, Kyra. As a CCHS alumni myself, I especially appreciated “Keep Calm, and Cougar On”.

  4. CCH Bloggers

    Thank you Mrs. Lazz!

  5. Mrs. Collier

    Thanks Kyra for your very good advice. It’s great for our new CCH students and I’m also going to pass it along to my son who is starting middle school tomorrow. Thanks!
    Mrs. Collier

  6. D. Delbello

    Thanks Kira.
    Way to go in mentioning all of the opportunities there are at CCH to get involved in the Cougar Community.
    Mrs . Delbello

  7. Mrs. Mitchell

    Well said and a perfect blog for our school. I might add that having had a first day of school for approximately 42 years – yes I’m counting kindergarten too – I still get butterflies on the first day. There is so much excitement and so much to think about and so many new faces it’s only natural!
    Mrs. Mitchell trying to keep calm and Cougar on. See you on Tuesday;-)

  8. CCH Bloggers

    Just be yourself, Mrs. Mitchell. You’ll be fine. 😉

  9. Ms. Kira Lawrence

    How I miss this school already!! Have a wonderful year Kyra, and everyone! You’ll be an amazing school leader this year Kyra – plus you have an awesome name 😉

  10. CCH Bloggers

    Thank you Ms. Lawrence! We miss you!

  11. One who puts rings on barrels ;)

    Love your writing style Kyra. Keep being amazing <333

  12. Joanne Polec

    Judging by the turnout at Students’ Council today and the length of the names on the sign-up sheets, your message was heard. Thanks for so eloquently welcoming the grade 10s to what we do here at CCHS, Kyra!


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